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The Down Syndrome Bill

Update: The government has announced that it is backing the Down Syndrome Bill which is fantastic news. It is still worth signing the petition and writing to your MP to ask them to support it, so that the Bill will hopefully become law. 

The Down Syndrome Bill was introduced to Parliament earlier this year by Dr Liam Fox MP. The bill is due to be voted on by MPs on 26th November, and it needs to enough votes in order to reach the next stage before becoming law. There is an urgent need for us all to contact our MPs and relevant ministers to make them all aware of the need for better consideration of people with Down syndrome.

People with Down syndrome and their families are still not being fully included and supported to live their best lives, and The Down Syndrome Bill presents an opportunity for positive change in that regard, to make the UK a better place to grow up and live with Down Syndrome.

By signing the petition to support getting the Bill passed, or by emailing your MP asking them to support the Bill, you can make a difference in our community, ensuring that each life lived with Down syndrome has the opportunity to be full and rewarding. 

This PDF has more information about the Bill and what it would mean. 

Here is the link for the Down Syndrome Policy Group where you can go to sign the petition and email your MP.

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