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Cupertino - An Inclusive Mass

Cupertino is the usual mass with added support for those with communication difficulties including the use of visuals, Makaton signing, pictures and activities. 

We know that for families with children or adults with learning disabilities, attending morning Mass can be a challenge. Trying to keep little ones still and quiet can be difficult or for adults with communication challenges, Mass can be hard to follow.

Cupertino is a welcoming, relaxed environment where we hope everyone can join in, feel at peace and concentrate on the joy and gift of the Eucharist without worrying about anything else

Mass is at 3pm followed by tea and cake in the church hall. Our dates for 2021-2022 are:

19th September 2021 
31st October 2021
28th November 2021
2nd January 2022
30th January 2022

27th February 2022
27th March 2022
24th April 2022
22nd May 2022
26th June 2022
17th July 2022

There is no need to book in advance please just come along! 

If you have any questions or wish to learn more please get in touch with Rosie Corr at

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