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Consultation on Revised Behaviour in Schools Guidance and Suspension and Permanent Exclusion Guidance

Consultation on revised behaviour in schools guidance and suspension and permanent exclusion guidance.

In response to the ‘Timpson Review of School Exclusion,’ the government committed to working with sector experts to publish clearer, more consistent guidance to support schools to create positive behaviour cultures and ensure suspensions and permanent exclusions are conducted in a lawful, reasonable and procedurally fair way. While the consultation is focused on SEND and exclusions from school, for those with a strong interest in children who have difficulties attending school, this could also be a space to raise those issues. 

The focus here is on children whose needs manifest in behaviour that is ‘challenging,’ ‘disruptive,’ and directed outwards. Some may feel that children whose needs are expressed internally and through avoidance, such as school avoidance due to anxiety or depression, should also be part of the discussion about lost time in learning.

To take part in the consultation, please click the link below. The deadline to submit your response is 31st March 2022. 

Department for Education Consultation

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