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Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day

This year has been different to previous as we have not been able to host an event on 21st March to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.

This is due to the current outbreak of COVID-19 across the UK and so many other countries.

Instead, we hosted an online catch up and boogie to bring some of our families together in such uncertain times. Although it isn't possible to hold our groups and sessions currently, a number of our groups are available online. Please see our calendar on the website to see what's on. 

Thank you for joining in and escaping from the madness with us.

Why do we celebrate on 21st March?

The month of March is special to Sunshine & Smiles and people all over the world who have Down syndrome. The reason we celebrate on 21st March is because every person born with Down syndrome has 3 copies of chromosome 21 – hence 21/03. WDSD is a celebration of people who have down syndrome and an opportunity to raise awareness and challenge preconceptions in society. Lots of people wear odd socks on this day because chromosomes are shaped like socks. 

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